Do You Know How Your Senators and Reps Voted For More War?

Check out Representatives votes HERE and Senators HERE.

The Right to a Safe Community 9-21

The election season is in full swing - so let's make sure gun violence prevention is a campaign issue that can't be avoided. Can you help us build now for real change in the coming year? 
Please join us at our Protect Minnesota safe communities launch on Sunday afternoon, September 21 in Brooklyn Center. Learn how you can help drive higher voter turnout this year, when turnout will be key to outcomes! Plus, we've invited candidates for Minnesota attorney general, Hennepin County sheriff, and local offices in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center, to tell us what they plan to do about gun violence. 
You can also sign up to help plan ways to build on our 2014 legislative successes when the next session convenes in January.
This is an afternoon that you don’t want to miss!
WHAT:           The Right to a Safe Community: 2014 Protect Minnesota Annual Meeting
WHEN:           Sunday, September 21, 2014, 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
WHERE:         Brookdale Covenant Church, 5139 Brooklyn Blvd., Brooklyn Center, MN
WHO:             Protect Minnesota members, friends and allies 
Protect Minnesota: Working to End Gun ViolenceVisit www.protectmn.org for the latest e-newsletter under Protect MN News.
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A Must-Watch Minute Video

Check our calendar often; not all events are blogged. Scroll and click on event for more details

Words From Mel Duncan, Nonviolent Peaceforce

The awe-inspiring work of the Nonviolent Peaceforce, protecting civilians in war zones should be emulated around the globe. "(T)he number of people living as refugees from war or persecution exceeded 50 million in 2013". Read more from Mel Duncan HERE.
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Another Resource for Understanding the Middle East

The mission statement of Americans for Peace Now reads: 
"APN is the sister organization of Shalom Achshav, Israel's preeminent peace movement. APN's mission is to educate and persuade the American public and its leadership to support and adopt policies that will lead to comprehensive, durable, Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab peace, based on a two-state solution, guaranteeing both peoples security, and consistent with U.S. national interests."
Visit their website HERE.
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NO RUSH TO WAR!--another petition

These online petitions do make a difference. Contact your representatives any way you wish,
but try this easy way as well.

We Are Being Led Into Interminable War--Vigil With Us!

Please Come to Vigil With Us Every Wednesday
Show commuters that the struggle for peace and justice has a face.
Our next vigil will be:
September 24th
4:45pm to 5:45pm
50th Street at Halifax 

Casus Belli

Here is an interesting article about US reasons for bombing
Syria and Iraq, "James Foley is not a War Ad", HERE.

A Bit of Levity Is Always Good

The Borowitz Report HERE.

More Bloodshed Authorized By The Peace Prize President

Tonight President Obama is scheduled to tell the nation  that we must bomb Iraq and Syria. Tell him that "War is NOT the Answer"
Contact Congress using the FCNL tool HERE.

Corporate Media vs Grandmothers for Peace

s'pose we don't have to go this far

There are more and more reasons for the Grandmothers to actively speak out. The popular news programs all feature militarists' views on problem solving. Read the a report from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting HERE. We can try to counter these hawks by spreading our non-violent message around--through speaking to family and friends, letters to the editor, vigils and marches.
Check our calendar for opportunities to do your bit for peace.

Have You Heard About the Film "Disruption"?

Check out the link and watch online HERE. 

The New PEACE Calendar

The brilliant people at World Beyond War have come up with an idea to help people think about war and peace--the Peace Calendar. I will add the whole year of events to the Grannies calendar. Here are September's entries:
September 9. On this day in 1828 Leo Tolstoy was born. This is a good day to read his books.

September 11. On this day in 1973 the United States backed a coup that overthrew the government of Chile. Also on this day in 2001 terrorists attacked in the United States using hijacked airplanes. This is a good day to oppose violence and nationalism and revenge.

September 14. On this day in 2013, the United States agreed to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons in cooperation with Russia, rather than launching missiles into Syria. Public pressure had been instrumental in preventing the missile attacks. Although those attacks were presented as a last resort, as soon as they were blocked all sorts of other possibilities were openly acknowledged. This is a good day on which to refute the nonsensical claim that wars can never be stopped.

September 15. On this day in 2001, Congresswoman Barbara Lee cast the only vote against giving U.S. presidents a pass to wage wars.

September 17. This is Constitution Day in the United States. On this day in 1787 the U.S. Constitution was adopted and had not yet been blatantly violated. Also on this day in 1978 Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin signed the Camp David Accords. This is a good day on which to thank a diplomat for their service. This is a good day on which to back serious reforms for the U.S. Constitution.

September 18. On this day in 1924 Gandhi began a 21-day fast in a Muslim home, for Muslim-Hindu unity.

September 21. This is the International Day of Peace. Also on this day in 1963 the War Resisters League organized the first U.S. demonstration against the war on Vietnam. Also on this day in 1976 Orlando Letelier, a leading opponent of Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, was killed along with his American assistant, Ronni Moffitt, by a car bomb in Washington, D.C. -- the work of a former CIA operative. This is a good day to work for peace and to remember the victims of war.

September 26. This is the UN International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Also on this day in 1924 the League of Nations endorsed the Declaration of Rights of the Child.
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Labor Day Action

Labor strike 1909
"Representatives Keith Ellison and John Lewis have  introduced legislation to defend the right of workers to organize unions. The Employee Empowerment Act would protect workers from employer discrimination by making labor organizing a civil right. Now more than ever, we need to show solidarity with workers and fight for their right to organize for better wages and working conditions."
Tell Congress to protect workers' right to organize.
Sign HERE.

Rise of the Renter Nation

Occupy Homes MN is hosting 2 training sessions on renter organizing.
WHAT: A presentation on the history of renters' struggles, current context of the housing crisis, and potential for solutions by building power for renters across diverse communities.
WHEN: Saturday September 13th, 3:30pm-6:00pm (food and fellowship from 3:30-4:00pm)
WHERE: Powderhorn Park, 3400 15th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

A daylong dive into the history, strategies, and technical skills for organizing renters in low income communities and communities of color.
WHEN: Sunday, September 14th, 10:00am - 5:00pm 
WHERE: 4200 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN
  • Train local residents & allies on tenant organizing skills, strategy, current national organizing models, and the political context for renters in the US
  • Continue to build a strong coalition with neighborhood associations and community organizations
  • Generate citywide excitement around tenant organizing
Food, childcare, and Spanish translation will be provided.

We hope you can join us!
-The Occupy Homes MN Team
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Protest the Siege Every Friday

Protest the massacre in Gaza on Fridays at
Summit and Snelling Avenues in St. Paul
from 4:30-5:30 pm

A "Whopper" of a Scam

You probably already know about the inversion tactics many American companies are using to avoid paying corporate taxes in the US. Burger King is the latest big dog to merge with a foreign company--Tim Horton of Canada. American taxpayers pay the balance that these companies avoid.
Boycott Burger King and sign a letter to the CEO HERE. 

Muddled War "Facts", Except One

At our vigil Wednesday evening on 50th and Halifax, we discussed the puzzling nature of all of the wars around the world. It's often impossible to determine who is fighting whom right now. One thing is clear however--the US is supplying an abundance of weaponry to a wide assortment of warring factions. 
As Peace Action says, "from Gaza to Syria to Iraq to Egypt to Libya to Afghanistan -- U.S. military intervention and an ever-ready supply of U.S. weapons ... make matters worse."
Let's stop fanning the flames of war.
Sign the petition to the President and Congress HERE.

Take the Pledge--Skip the Straw

Our oceans are polluted by many things, but have you ever thought about those ubiquitous straws one finds on restaurant floors and sidewalks? Volunteers for Ocean Conservancy picked up 550,000 straws on beaches last year. You can help save our oceans by telling your waiter to "Skip the straw".

Sign the pledge to do so HERE.

In Case You Missed It--Immigration Lawyer's Story

We were so moved and impressed by the 8-25 story on the PBS NEWSHOUR of a daring immigration lawyer and her cohorts who are working against US government created obstacles to help the families who have fled violence in Central America.
If you can, take a minute to listen or read it HERE. (Follow-up article in today's NYT HERE.)

The Future of Organics

A wonderfully informative piece about organic food
by Ronnie Cummins HERE.

Malaysian Jet Downed in Ukraine Could Cause War With Russia

Ukrainians Pay Their Respects at Malaysia Jet Crash Site
World Without War has a new petition to investigate the tragedy for which the US blames Vladimir Putin. Read the reasons for a full inquiry into the shoot-down and sign the petition HERE. As David Swanson states: "What if the Gulf of Tonkin had been investigated 50 years ago this month? What if the independent inquiry that Spain wanted into the USS Maine had been allowed? What if Congress hadn't swallowed the one about the babies taken from incubators or that hilarious bit about the vast stockpiles of WMDs?" All casus belli need thorough examination.
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Hedy Epstein Arrested Near Ferguson

Read the story of the 90-year-old human rights activist HERE.

10 Questions About Obama's Iraq Bombing

Read Matt Rothschild from The Progressive HERE.

The Story of 91-Year-Old Henk Zanoli

A moving account of a man's change of heart HERE.

Amazing! Obama Halts Delivery of Hellfire Missiles to Israel

Perhaps signing Robert Naiman's petition made a difference! 
Read the article from Haaretz HERE.

FCNL Action: Drop Food, Not Bombs

The Friends Committee on National Legislation has a wonderful online tool for writing to our leaders.
Try it out HERE.

If A Genocide Falls in a Forest. . .

Read the shocking quotes from some powerful Israeli politicians about the people of Gaza HERE.

"Compassionate" Missiles

Here's Glenn Greenwald's collection of the continuing Presidential ritual of bombing countries for "humanitarian" reasons. What a chronology!
Read it HERE.

Stop "Mission Creep" in Iraq

Hellfire missiles are being sent to Iraq on the "fast track".
Sign Robert Naiman's petition to Congress HERE.

Another Excellent Website

From Cathy:  'Since it's predicted that the next war/s will be over natural resources, Climate Action info is relevant to "Grannies"'.
We must insist our elected officials pass legislation that saves our world.
Check out Vote Climate HERE.

World Beyond War

World Beyond War's website HERE, is such an amazing resource. Check out all of the links offered there, especially the Jon Stewart and John Oliver videos.

Protest Art Casts A Wide Net

While in Chicago we attended the opening party for "The Provocateurs" art exhibit. Here is a super example of protest art by Shepard Fairey, who you know for his Obama HOPE portrait.

UPDATE: Walgreens Plans Were Defeated!

Jim Hightower calls it "inversion perversion"--a legal, but unfair loophole which will save Walgreens millions of dollars and cost American taxpayers plenty. Of course Walgreens won't move to Switzerland, but will enjoy all of the benefits US communities have to offer like police, fire departments, roads, educated workers, etc. They just won't pay for those perks. (BTW--Walgreens CEO Greg Wasson took home more than $13.7 million in 2013.)
So many of us depend on Walgreens for our prescriptions and sundries.
Sign HERE to tell them that you will shop elsewhere
if they merge with a Swiss company to avoid US taxes. 
Thanks to everyone who signed!
Walgreens Plans Were Defeated!

The Corporate Media Blames the Victims in Gaza

CBS News' Bob Schieffer made ludicrous assertions this week on Face the Nation. Tell Schieffer and CBS what you think by signing End the Occupation's letter HERE.

The US Arms the World

How can the US grumble about Russian-made weapons killing innocents, when the United States is responsible for "79 percent of weapons sales to the Middle East"? Now it's been discovered that the rebel group ISIS has plundered many of those weapons in Iraq, killing innocents with US-made weapons. The US is the arms supplier to the world--entirely for profit, not for peace.
RootsAction says: "Tell Congress and the President to end foreign weapons sales." Sign HERE.

An Urgent Action From Women Against Military Madness

Call your members of congress to Stop US aid to Israel at 202-224-3121

Israel receives over 3 billion dollars in US aid every year. Our tax dollars are paying for the massacre in Gaza. In Minnesota we have NO members of Congress speaking out against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Tell your representatives that you want an end to U.S. aid to Israel.

Representative Ellison: 612-522-1212 
Representative McCollum: 651-224-9191 
Representative Paulsen: 952-405-8510
Representative Kline: 952-808-1213
Senator Franken: 651- 221-1016 
Senator Klobuchar: 612-727-5220

US Border Patrol--Out of Control!

Are we afraid of a van full of boy scouts at our borders?
Read the story HERE.

Innocent Gazans Killed, Yet US Senate Voted 100-0 For Israel

From Mondoweiss: "Note that even progressive saints Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, and Bernie Sanders found nothing in this [bill] to object to. For the record, no U.S. military adventure has had the support of all hundred senators in decades. But, hey, this is Israel. And, more important, this is AIPAC. And cash." Read the whole piece HERE.
And from Jewish Voice for Peace:
"Your elected officials need to hear from you: stop funding this massacre."
Sign their petition HERE.

"When Is A House A Home?"

Today marks the deadliest day of the latest war in Gaza (NYT).
Read about Israel's excuse for bombing civilians HERE.
What US companies profit from the Israeli attacks on Gaza?
Read the list HERE.

Sign A Petition to the White House--"Turn the Water On"

Thousands of families in Detroit are without water. Obama can declare a health emergency.
Sign HERE.

Protect the Children

CREDO action-- 
 "Tell the Obama administration: The children at the border are refugees,
not criminals."
Sign HERE.
For more information about the reasons 52,000 children have fled Central America, read "The Children of The Drug Wars" from Sunday's NYT HERE.

Video from Jewish Voice for Peace

If you have not already, watch the 6 minute animated video that was shown this year at a gfp meeting. It is a good tool for understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict
as we protest the horrific violence currently underway.
Watch it HERE.