Fly Kites, Not Drones! 5-23

Saturday, May 23 (rain day May 24), 1:00-3:00p  at Lake Calhoun near concessions & boat launch.  Bring the kids, we'll bring the kites.  Decorate and fly kites, have fun and remind people our beautiful, open skies should not be filled with killer drones. Sponsored by WAMM Ground All Drones Committee.


 Show commuters that the struggle for peace and justice has a face.
Please Vigil With Grandmothers for Peace Every Wednesday
Our next vigil will be:
Wednesday, May 27th
4:45pm to 5:45pm
50th Street at Halifax

Why Are We In the Middle East?

Take a couple of minutes to read a very frank, important discussion from Common Dreams HERE.

REAL Progressives

US Labor Against the War has a new petition to politicians, saying real progressives must discuss our endless wars. Sign HERE. 

TPP Includes An Attack on Medicare!

Read about it and sign HERE.

Book Pics

Brothers : a novel
by Mohrbacher, Paul (2014)
New Adult Fiction Book
The story of the reunion of sixty-year old brothers, Ben and Nick, from North Dakota. Ben is still teaching in North Dakota but Nick has ended up in a nursing home in California after almost dying on the street. Read more on MinnPost HERE.

recommended by Darlene, the author's sister!

The invention of wings 
by Kidd, Sue Monk (2014)
Adult Fiction Book
"The story follows Hetty 'Handful' Grimke, a Charleston slave, and Sarah, the daughter of the wealthy Grimke family. The novel begins on Sarah's eleventh birthday, when she is given ownership over Handful, who is to be her handmaid. "The Invention of Wings" follows the next thirty-five years of their lives. Inspired in part by the historical figure of Sarah Grimke (a feminist, suffragist and, importantly, an abolitionist), Kidd allows herself to go beyond the record to flesh out the inner lives of all the characters, both real and imagined"
recommended by Marian and Lynne

Both of these marvelous books are available at HC libraries.

Stop The Spying--Sign On

Collecting unlimited phone data has now been ruled illegal.
Tell Congress that should be the last word. Sign HERE.

Childhood Obesity Can Be Blamed on McDonald's

McDonald's markets its unhealthy food to children with toys and treats. Ask them to stop this practice HERE.

Upcoming GFP Meetings

The Grandmothers for Peace have an interesting mix of subjects and speakers in 2014-15. We meet on the first Wednesday of the month (with a couple of exceptions) at the Edina Library Community Room at 12:45pm. Check our calendar for details of each month's topic. Here is a sample of what is to come:  

Wednesday, June 6 At noon. Bring a bag lunch to the Lake Harriet Peace Garden for our
annual picnic.

The Koch Brothers vs Pope Francis

Read about the unbelievable skirmish HERE.

At Last, A Challenge to Israel's Secret Nukes

At the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty summit in NYC this week, non-nuclear nations spoke up about Israel's clandestine weapons. Read all about it HERE and link to the petition as well.

Support Legislation in MN That Protects Bees

Help save the bees in Minnesota from harmful pesticides. Sign on HERE.

TPP--Other Voices

Read Ralph Nader's informative piece HERE. And did you know what was quietly injected into the Senate's fast track legislation?
Anti-BDS rules to protect Israel!
Read about it HERE.

Take Action on Earth Day

Sign Public Citizen's petition to the President
to stop dangerous off-shore drilling HERE.

The US Needs the "Equality for All" Resolution--sign on

A petition to John Boehner  to protect
everyone from religion-based discrimination can be signed HERE.

Germany's Part in American Drone Killings

Most Europeans hate the US drone wars, but Germany is complicit in them. 
Read Jeremy Scahill HERE.

Corporate Tax Loopholes

Why should ordinary taxpayers subsidize big companies?
Sign a petition to Jack Lew and the President HERE.

Don't Repeal the Estate Tax!

The conservatives in congress insist on favors for the rich at the expense of the rest of us. Tell Boehner hands off the estate tax HERE.

You Just Gotta Laugh Sometimes

Read the Borowitz Report HERE.

Talking About Climate Change is Banned in Wisconsin Sector

From Mother Jones:
"The climate change language police just struck again.
Last month it was in Florida, where former staffers with the state's Department of Environmental Protection alleged that senior officials, under the direction of Gov. Rick Scott (R), had instituted an unwritten ban on using the phrases "climate change" and "global warming." Scott denied the claim.
This week's incident is much less ambiguous. Yesterday, the three-person commission that oversees a public land trust in Wisconsin voted 2-1 to block the trust's dozen public employees "from engaging in global warming or climate change work while on BCPL time."
Read more and sign a petition HERE.
petition forwarded by Judie

Chuck Schumer Is Supporting the Hawks!

Please read the article by Robert Naiman and link to petitions HERE.

The Conscience of a Corporation

Read a brilliant article by Timothy Egan HERE.

Breaking News--Deal Made With Iran

Now we can help by emailing our representatives. Action:  HERE.

Jewish Voice for Peace

After a stimulating conversation with two members of Jewish Voice for Peace at our April meeting, learn more on their website HERE.

Once Again Congress Cuts Food Stamps (SNAP)--Protest!

"Forty six million people depend on the $1.38 per day SNAP gives them for meals. Sixty percent of SNAP recipients are children, people with disability, veterans, and the elderly."

Sign the petition HERE.
forwarded by Judie

Thank You WikiLeaks!

WikiLeaks has uncovered the portion of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement that allows multinational corporations to sue other countries if their profits are threatened by environmental and other regulations.
Read what the NY Times business section says about this  HERE. 
And read WikiLeaks HERE.

Sign Here

Let's Get A Woman's Image on Our Currency

Read Gail Collins HERE.
and vote for your favorite HERE.

We Don't Need a "Slush Fund for War"

Read about the plan to protect weapons manufacturers and war profiteers, and sign HERE.
forwarded by Judie

Action Against Budget Cuts for Social Programs

As you have read, the House and Senate are proposing
huge cuts to the social safety net.
Sign a petition HERE.
And endorse the "People's Budget" HERE.

Troop Reductions in Afghanistan Aren't Happening

So much for "war ending" rhetoric.
Read more HERE.

GMOs Must Be Labelled--Sign On

Monsanto opposes labelling the food we eat.
Sign all the petitions that you can.
HERE is another.

47 Senators. . .

.  .  .who may have been justly called traitors require the appellation
"war-monger" as well.
Call your senators. A link from WAND HERE.

Conservatives Are Blocking the Human Trafficking Bill

A bill to help compensate thousands of women and girls who have been exploited by sex traffickers is being thwarted. The conservatives have attached a rider to exclude funds for abortion for these victims of rape and coercion. Sign a petition to say "Stop holding trafficking survivors hostage to your ideological agenda." Sign HERE.

Snow Bucket Challenge for Syrian Refugees

 On March 4th the Grandmothers for Peace participated in and financially supported the effort to send food and blankets to war weary refugees of the Syrian conflict. The proceeds from the challenge will be sent to the UN World Food Program. If you would like to donate, checks can be made to WFN USA and sent to:

1050 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, MN  55104

AIPAC's Influence May Be Decreasing--Let's Hope So

Read Medea Benjamin's 10 reasons the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a menace that causes war and suffering all around the world. Read Medea's concise list HERE.

Monsanto's Growth Hormone

Read about the risks of ingesting rBST growth hormone and see which companies have chosen not to make their dairy products with milk from cows treated with it. Tell the FDA to ban Monsanto's rBST! Info HERE.

Thanks Mr. President--Just One More Thing. . .

.  .  .Reject the XL Project entirely! Sign HERE.