Hedy Epstein Arrested Near Ferguson

Read the story of the 90-year-old human rights activist HERE.

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Especially Now, It's CRUCIAL to be Visibly Against All War!

Please Come to Vigil With Us Every Wednesday
Show commuters that the struggle for peace and justice has a face.
Our next vigil will be:
Wednesday, August 20th
4:45pm to 5:45pm
50th Street at Halifax 
(corner of Lunds parking lot)

Petition the Federal Government--Stop Militarizing Our Police

No More Fergusons! Sign HERE.

10 Questions About Obama's Iraq Bombing

Read Matt Rothschild from The Progressive HERE.

The Story of 91-Year-Old Henk Zanoli

A moving account of a man's change of heart HERE.

Amazing! Obama Halts Delivery of Hellfire Missiles to Israel

Perhaps signing Robert Naiman's petition made a difference! 
Read the article from Haaretz HERE.

FCNL Action: Drop Food, Not Bombs

The Friends Committee on National Legislation has a wonderful online tool for writing to our leaders.
Try it out HERE.

If A Genocide Falls in a Forest. . .

Read the shocking quotes from some powerful Israeli politicians about the people of Gaza HERE.

"Compassionate" Missiles

Here's Glenn Greenwald's collection of the continuing Presidential ritual of bombing countries for "humanitarian" reasons. What a chronology!
Read it HERE.

Stop "Mission Creep" in Iraq

Hellfire missiles are being sent to Iraq on the "fast track".
Sign Robert Naiman's petition to Congress HERE.

Another Excellent Website

From Cathy:  'Since it's predicted that the next war/s will be over natural resources, Climate Action info is relevant to "Grannies"'.
We must insist our elected officials pass legislation that saves our world.
Check out Vote Climate HERE.

World Beyond War

World Beyond War's website HERE, is such an amazing resource. Check out all of the links offered there, especially the Jon Stewart and John Oliver videos.

Great Friends, Great Discussion, Great Plans 9-3

First Wednesday of each month meetings are held at
Edina Community Library
12:45 pm

SEPTEMBER 3rd Planning for 2014 - 2015. Bring your ideas for speakers and actions.
see our calendar for more details

Protest Art Casts A Wide Net

While in Chicago we attended the opening party for "The Provocateurs" art exhibit. Here is a super example of protest art by Shepard Fairey, who you know for his Obama HOPE portrait.

UPDATE: Walgreens Plans Were Defeated!

Jim Hightower calls it "inversion perversion"--a legal, but unfair loophole which will save Walgreens millions of dollars and cost American taxpayers plenty. Of course Walgreens won't move to Switzerland, but will enjoy all of the benefits US communities have to offer like police, fire departments, roads, educated workers, etc. They just won't pay for those perks. (BTW--Walgreens CEO Greg Wasson took home more than $13.7 million in 2013.)
So many of us depend on Walgreens for our prescriptions and sundries.
Sign HERE to tell them that you will shop elsewhere
if they merge with a Swiss company to avoid US taxes. 
Thanks to everyone who signed!
Walgreens Plans Were Defeated!

The Corporate Media Blames the Victims in Gaza

CBS News' Bob Schieffer made ludicrous assertions this week on Face the Nation. Tell Schieffer and CBS what you think by signing End the Occupation's letter HERE.

The US Arms the World

How can the US grumble about Russian-made weapons killing innocents, when the United States is responsible for "79 percent of weapons sales to the Middle East"? Now it's been discovered that the rebel group ISIS has plundered many of those weapons in Iraq, killing innocents with US-made weapons. The US is the arms supplier to the world--entirely for profit, not for peace.
RootsAction says: "Tell Congress and the President to end foreign weapons sales." Sign HERE.

A Siege Illustrated

Protest the massacre in Gaza on Fridays at
Summit and Snelling Avenues in St. Paul
from 4:30-5:30 pm

An Urgent Action From Women Against Military Madness

Call your members of congress to Stop US aid to Israel at 202-224-3121

Israel receives over 3 billion dollars in US aid every year. Our tax dollars are paying for the massacre in Gaza. In Minnesota we have NO members of Congress speaking out against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Tell your representatives that you want an end to U.S. aid to Israel.

Representative Ellison: 612-522-1212 
Representative McCollum: 651-224-9191 
Representative Paulsen: 952-405-8510
Representative Kline: 952-808-1213
Senator Franken: 651- 221-1016 
Senator Klobuchar: 612-727-5220

US Border Patrol--Out of Control!

Are we afraid of a van full of boy scouts at our borders?
Read the story HERE.

Innocent Gazans Killed, Yet US Senate Voted 100-0 For Israel

From Mondoweiss: "Note that even progressive saints Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, and Bernie Sanders found nothing in this [bill] to object to. For the record, no U.S. military adventure has had the support of all hundred senators in decades. But, hey, this is Israel. And, more important, this is AIPAC. And cash." Read the whole piece HERE.
And from Jewish Voice for Peace:
"Your elected officials need to hear from you: stop funding this massacre."
Sign their petition HERE.

"When Is A House A Home?"

Today marks the deadliest day of the latest war in Gaza (NYT).
Read about Israel's excuse for bombing civilians HERE.
What US companies profit from the Israeli attacks on Gaza?
Read the list HERE.

Sign A Petition to the White House--"Turn the Water On"

Thousands of families in Detroit are without water. Obama can declare a health emergency.
Sign HERE.

Protect the Children

CREDO action-- 
 "Tell the Obama administration: The children at the border are refugees,
not criminals."
Sign HERE.
For more information about the reasons 52,000 children have fled Central America, read "The Children of The Drug Wars" from Sunday's NYT HERE.

Video from Jewish Voice for Peace

If you have not already, watch the 6 minute animated video that was shown this year at a gfp meeting. It is a good tool for understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict
as we protest the horrific violence currently underway.
Watch it HERE.

Sign An Open Letter Against Further Violence in Israel-Palestine

Jewish Voice for Peace states, "Only by ending the occupation and embracing equality can this terrible bloodshed end."
Sign their letter HERE.

Mothers Join Together in Israel-Palestine

Read the story of grieving mothers HERE.

Happy 4th!

Medea Benjamin wrote today:
The Founding Fathers, who revolted against a foreign power, were vehemently opposed to getting involved in military adventures overseas. George Washington cautioned our new nation against the "mischiefs of foreign intrigue." James Madison said the US should steer clear of unnecessary wars. Thomas Jefferson said, "If there be one principle more deeply written than any other in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest." Secretary of State John Quincy Adams warned in 1821 that America should not go abroad in search of “monsters to destroy”—for such folly would destroy “her own spirit.”
Today 10 Grandmothers for Peace did our part as patriots for peace.

4th of July Compatriots in Minnesota

4th parade in Brainerd. Photo forwarded by friend in peace Robin Hensel--Camp Ripley drone protester extraordinaire, who drove the truck.

A Victory Against the Frackers in New York

Read about the triumph of citizen environmentalists HERE.
forwarded by Cathy

We Don't Need Drones in National Parks!!

Sign the petition to ban drones in our parks HERE.

No More War $$$

President Obama has requested another half a billion dollars to arm and train "appropriately vetted" fighters in Syria to help them kill better. Tell him--and your senators and representative in Congress--NO!

Sign HERE.
forwarded by Judie

Kudos to GFP's Elly for Strib Letter!

A revenue-neutral plan all parties can love

It gives me great hope to see an opinion piece by a Republican, Henry Paulson, who not only acknowledges that climate change is happening and is a crisis, but who also supports a carbon tax, an action that most experts believe could significantly reduce global warming (“Climate crisis calls for action,” June 24).

Although Paulson doesn’t mention the advantages of passing a revenue-neutral carbon tax, making it revenue neutral would involve giving rebates to citizens in order to offset the increased price of fossil fuel, while resulting in no growth in the size of government. It would also create 2.1 million jobs over a period of 10 years, according to a new study by Regional Economic Models Inc.

What’s not to love about that, Republicans, and Democrats, as well?
Eleanor Wagner, Edina

An Action From Organic Consumers


Weed Wars

No, not that weed.
We're talking about the war between farmers and superweeds. A war that the superweeds are clearly winning.
So what do the Gene Giants propose for beating back the weeds?
Bigger, better herbicides. A strategy that scientists say will only create bigger and better superweeds.
Still, our U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), instead of calling a halt to a dangerous and vicious cycle, is on the verge of approving yet another deadly herbicide. Unless we stop them.
The pesticide-peddlers at Dow AgroSciences want the EPA to approve something they call Enlist Duo. We call it the Deadly Duo, because it uses a combination of 2,4-D, one of the toxic ingredients in Agent Orange, and Roundup, whose key active ingredient,glyphosate, is linked to a host of ills, including birth defects, infertility, allergies and cancer.
Why are the biotech companies now turning to Agent Orange chemicals to fight weeds? Because Monsanto's Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world, is no longer working.
That's not mere speculation. Just this month, Texas cotton growers sent an "emergency" request to the EPA for permission to use propazine (a known carcinogen that the EPA refers to as "slightly poisonous) on their crops. Why the big emergency? BecauseMonsanto's Roundup doesn't work anymore and, surprise, their crops are being overrun by superweeds.
And round and round we go.

"Iraqis Are Not 'Abstractions'"

A "must-read" by Ray McGovern in Common Dreams HERE.
photo of Samar by the late Chris Hondros (killed on assignment in Libya)
More stunning Hondros photography HERE.

Take Action Against More War

Please tell Congress and the President to ignore the neocons and hawks. 
Sign HERE.