From Win Without War:
When I heard Fareed Zakaria on CNN say that launching 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria was the moment Trump “became President,” I nearly threw my TV across the room. [1] When Brian Williams quoted Leonard Cohen for MSNBC’s viewers, talking about the “beauty of our weapons,” I realized we had a real problem on our hands. [2] And when Geraldo Rivera said that watching America drop bombs was “one of my favorite things in the 16 years I've been here at Fox News," I decided it was time to fight back. [3]

War is not entertainment and waging it does not make you presidential. But the media is glorifying Donald Trump’s warmaking, and it’s time we make them stop.

Sign a petition to corporate media HERE.
forwarded by Judie

Call the Governor Right Away!

You have probably heard about the Republican "Preemption" bill that passed the MN Senate. Here is a fine description from MinnPost:

.  .  .Thursday, Feb. 2, a basement hearing room of the State Office Building was packed. The overflow room was overflowing, so a third room had to be opened (and was soon filled too). Starting at 4:09 p.m. the hearing ran till almost 9 p.m. as one testifier after another weighed in on House File 600, an innocuous-sounding restriction on local government authority.
Chris Conry
What was this new proposal? And why the passion? The bill was a "statewide preemption" proposal designed to strip local governments of their authority to improve state or federal workplace standards. Why the urgency? Because on July 1 of this year, over 150,000 people in Minneapolis and Saint Paul are due to start receiving earned sick and safe time, a paid benefit that would allow them to take time off when sick or dealing with domestic violence. To stop this, the state’s most powerful industry lobbyists lined up to argue to repeal now and restrict forever local control.
Dayton can veto this horrid measure. Call him now at 651-201-3400.
This issue very clearly relates to the Grandmothers for Peace May meeting topic.

Meet A Whistle-Blower 5-2

The Constitution and Conscience: NSA's Thomas Drake Blows the Whistle

Tuesday, May 2nd from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

3045 Chicago Avenue 


Thomas Drake, a veteran of the Air Force and Navy, was working as a senior 

executive in the National Security Agency when surveillance policy changed in 

the aftermath of 9/11 in ways that violated both the Constitution and his 


He spoke out on secret mass 'Collect-it-all' electronic surveillance and the 

multibillion-dollar fraud and intelligence failures within the NSA. He was the first 

U.S. whistleblower to be charged under the Espionage Act since Daniel Ellsberg 

in 1971 and faced 35 years in prison. A program that he exposed was later 

confirmed by the NSA to have been a waste of over a billion dollars. While he 

was among the first to expose to the public the mass surveillance of US citizens 

which still continues in various forms. 

Sponsored by Tackling Torture at the Top Committee of WAMM, The Coming 

Home Collaborative

Parking lot south of the church. Entrance modern door on NW side of the 

church. Light snacks will be served. Handicap parking on north side. 

FFI: 612-827-5364

GFP Meeting Schedule and Programs

Let's gather for PEACE.
Grandmothers for Peace meets on the first Wednesday of most months
at 12:45pm

Byerlys Community Room
St. Louis Park
12:45 pm

Minimum Wage-Impact on Public Health

Why are health departments advocating for increased wages and paid time off? What is the connection between income and health? Based on their involvement with legislative debates around this issue and advocacy for paid sick and parental leave time at public forums, Jeannette Raymond, of the Minnesota Department of Health, will provide ways to bring a health lens to policy discussions that aim at raising income for low wage workers.

PS: Also, come to wish Cathy Apostle a Fond Farewell.

Vigil With Us At 4:45 DST Every Wednesday

Airstrikes on hospitals!!! Mercenaries piloting an increased number of drone strikes, US complicity in deaths of innocent Yemenis, more soldiers in Iraq, heavy equipment ready for war with Russia--we need to protest the bellicose actions of our government!
Please Vigil With Grandmothers for Peace Every Wednesday
Our next vigil will be:
Wednesday, May 3rd at
4:45pm to 5:45pm (changed because of DST)
50th Street at Halifax

A Helpful Bill-Tracking Website

Check out OurStates Here to follow legislation across all 50 states.
It is a wonderful tool in this time of conservative overreach.
Just select Minnesota on the map to see bills in process. 

Public Citizen--Litigating for the People

Our lawsuit — Public Citizen v. Donald J. Trump — takes direct aim at the president’s most brazen gift to Big Business yet.

Via a unilateral directive issued in just his second week in office, Trump decreed that for any new regulation to take effect, two or more existing public protections would have to be eliminated.

Even worse, Trump’s executive order mandated the elimination of existing rules for the purpose of offsetting the costs of new rules — while ignoring the benefits — even if the existing rules are entirely unrelated.

Trump’s executive order is plain crazy ... unless the motive is really to make it almost impossible for We the People to protect ourselves from dangerous products, risks to public health and the effects of climate change.

As explained in our lawsuit, by requiring agencies to consider factors that are not permitted under the law, the executive order usurps congressional power and violates the president’s constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

There’s a great deal at stake here.

Our lawsuit lists numerous currently planned rules that would be affected — delayed, weakened or deterred — due to Trump’s disastrous executive order:
  • new limits on workplace exposures to the hazardous chemical styrene
  • new standards to prevent health workers from exposure to infectious diseases
  • a rule to prevent mining equipment from crushing miners
  • implementation of the newly amended Toxic Substances Control Act, under which the Environmental Protection Agency regulates toxic chemicals
  • a measure to avert oil train derailments and explosions
  • energy efficiency standards that would save consumers billions of dollars
  • endangered species protections
  • new clean air standards
We don’t know how this lawsuit is going to turn out. The Trump administration will of course push back. Our crack litigators will make the most persuasive arguments possible, but it’s going to take a massive effort to fight what Trump is trying to get away with here.

The case will move forward over the months ahead with an exchange of legal filings. After the trial court judge decides the case, either side may and likely will appeal.
forwarded by Judie

War Propaganda--Both Parties Do It

Read an enlightening article by Glenn Greenwald HERE.

Be Alert to Plans to Dismantle SS, Medicare, etc.

Even though Trump has said he will protect them, we must stay alert to what conservatives have always wanted, an end to what they call "entitlements".
Stay tuned in and read more from the NYT HERE.

Take Action to Insure Against First Use of Nukes

Sign the petition from Physicians for Social Responsibility HERE.
forwarded by Judie

And also from WAMM:
Support “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act” -- For more info follow this LINK.

For more information about the WAMM Ban Nuclear Weapons Campaign, 
call 612-827-5364!

Grab Your Wallet! Boycott the Trumps

A new list of Trump businesses, products, and the companies that support them is HERE for you to peruse. GRAB YOUR WALLET is constantly updated to reflect those who have since separated themselves from the Trumps.
Check it out.

Very Dangerous Saber-Rattling With Iran!

From Just Foreign Policy:
Roll Call reports:
the Trump administration escalated its sudden sabre-rattling toward Iran when President Donald Trump directly criticized Tehran in a series of tweets ... Hours after his top national security adviser put Iran “on notice” and other senior administration officials refused to rule out U.S. military action against the Islamic Republic, Trump himself appeared to threaten the Middle Eastern power in a series of tweets — and the words of U.S. presidents carry far more weight than career bureaucrats briefing behind the veil of anonymity
Call your US Representative now to say:
I urge you to invoke Congressional war powers before President Trump attacks Iran. Congress must debate and vote.

Some Great Ideas for Protest Signs

Take a look at what you can print at home. They may not be big enough for a protest march, but these are super placards for your windows or doors.
Check them out HERE.

Conservatives Are Trying to Suppress Protest

Read on The Intercept HERE how 

"lawmakers in eight states have proposed laws criminalizing peaceful protest"

In Minnesota it is:

HF 322

as introduced - 90th Legislature (2017 - 2018) Posted on 01/23/2017 04:01pm
A bill for an act relating to public safety; authorizing governmental units to sue to recover for the public safety response costs related to unlawful assemblies and public nuisances;
proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 609.


Section 1.

(a) A person is civilly liable for public safety response costs if the person is convicted
of participating in an unlawful assembly under section 609.705, being present at an unlawful
assembly under section 609.715, or committing a public nuisance under section 609.74.
"Civilly liable for public safety response costs" means that the person is liable to a state
agency or political subdivision for costs incurred for the purpose of responding to the
unlawful assembly or public nuisance. A fine paid by a defendant from the same violation
may not be applied toward payment of the civil liability imposed under this section.
(b) A state agency or political subdivision that incurs costs as described in paragraph
(a) may bring an action to recover the civil liability and related legal, administrative, and
court costs. A civil action may be commenced as is any civil action.

Even in Minnesota, and as a response to Black Lives Matter and Water Protectors, Legislators want to penalize marchers and protesters.
Write or call your district representatives!

Two Pro-Gun Bills Introduced in MN

On January 12th Permitless Carry and Stand Your Ground were introduced in the Minnesota Legislature. The gun lobby has been dreaming of passing these bills in MN. We must work to make sure this doesn't happen in our state.
Read more and sign up to help HERE.
recommended by Judie

Links to the New Students for a Democratic Society

We were presented with a superb program about SDS at our meeting on January 4. Marty and Skyler apprised us of the energetic actions and brilliant organizing work that is done at the U of M and nationally. They encourage us to stay up to date with their work. Here is an easy way to do that. Their  website is and Facebook page is HERE. Please check it out!

Pence Lunched in Chicago Today, We Protested

We weren't quite sure whose side this fellow was on at first.
He's collecting for Planned Parenthood.
About 200 made lots of noise. Hope Pence got an earful!

Sign the Petition Against Weapons in Space

Read more about the horrific proposal and sign HERE.

Beware Neo-McCarthyism

It is a truly dangerous move to blame Russia for Trump. Read Norm Solomon HERE.

The Horror in Yemen

Medea Benjamin has an excellent article in Common Dreams today. Read it HERE.
Also consider checking out her newest book,
Kingdom of the Unjust, which is available at HC libraries.

The Amazing Story of One of the 2000

In solidarity with Standing Rock water protectors, 2000 veterans have pledged to protect the people who are struggling at the site of the pipeline project. They are beginning to arrive already. Read this inspiring story from Common Dreams HERE.

Stand With Standing Rock

There are many ways to help the brave people who are protecting our earth from the ravages of fossil fuels. All of the Grandmothers for Peace are trying in our own ways to help the Water Protectors.
Judie and Darlene have forwarded more actions and
Medea Benjamin has written a staggering report from Standing Rock HERE.

From Judie--Sign the Green Peace petition to the President HERE.

From Darlene--A coordinated action of meditation and prayer on Saturday, November 26th at 3pm Central Time and other action ideas.
For more information and a link to the action go HERE.

To Help Avoid A Right Wing Justice, Here's An Urgent Action

"The citizens of the United States have a right to the good faith consideration of each Supreme Court nominee. In an attempt to subvert the will of the people expressed in the reelection of President Barack Obama in 2012, the current Senate has willfully failed to make a timely assertion of their advise and consent right. 

There is legal precedent in United States v. Olano which ruled that the holder of a constitutional right may waive the right by engaging in an excessive delay in exercising it. 

Merrick Garland was nominated on March 16, 2016, more than 237 days ago, greatly exceeding the previous maximum consideration delay of 125 days. The Senate has waived its right. Please proceed with Judge Garland's appointment."
(from We the People)
Sign HERE.

Tell Democrats to Work for All of Us This Time

Sign HERE to tell the Democrats, who messed up badly this election, that it is time to fight for regular Americans, not corporations and elites.
It will be a long hard journey ahead.

More Moore Reading

I am sure that you are getting weary from reading every explanation for the election's outcome. Michael Moore predicted weeks ago that Trump would be the winner and he has some ideas for us to consider in his insightful piece today.
Read it on Common Dreams HERE.

8 Ways to Make a Better America--Beyond Voting

This is a quick list of the points.
Read the remainder of the excellent article HERE.
1. Change your media diet.
2. Turn off corporate media.
3. Reject the consumer mentality in elections
4. Make your voice heard.
5. Try a social media fast. 
6. Practice the art of civil discourse.
7. Eliminate the wealth primary.
8. Break the two-party duopoly.

Read Elly's Letter to the Editor

News items should encourage you to be part of democracy
As we remember the life of Tom Hayden, the antiwar activist and Students for a Democratic Society organizer who died Sunday, I am reminded of his advocacy for what he called “participatory democracy.” In truth, I don’t believe a democracy can be successful unless it is a participatory democracy, and when I see the discouragingly low voter turnouts in this country, I keep thinking about Abraham Lincoln’s memorable reference to a government of the people, by the people and for the people and wonder how we can get that to happen in the U.S. instead of a government of the dollar, by the dollar and for the dollar. Some suggest we should make voting mandatory, as in Australia, where a fine is imposed on people who do not vote. But I just want to take this opportunity to urge all citizens to vote in this very important upcoming election. Voting is a privilege, but also a responsibility. Vote Nov. 8!
Eleanor Wagner, Edina

Haitians Needs Our Support

Think of how it must be to live in Haiti. Repeatedly the people have been ravaged by natural disasters--and then cholera struck with a vengeance. Is the world paying any attention?
 Please sign the petition to Congress HERE.

No More Weapons to Saudi Arabia!

6000 innocent people dead in Yemen in the horrible US funded, Saudi war.
Why are we supporting the carnage and probable war crimes?
Please sign CODEPINK's petition HERE.
forwarded by Judie 

Why Don't We Prosecute the Banksters?

With the shocking, criminal Wells Fargo scandal in the news, let's ask the FBI to go after the crooks who steal houses, cars, money, and jobs from the American public.
Sign HERE.

"How We Could End the Permanent State of War"

Some great inspiration for the Grandmothers for Peace--
read Gareth Porter's article HERE.

FOX News Could Possibly Stop Denying Global Warming

Roger Ailes is a climate change denier, Rupert Murdock is not.
Tell FOX News to tell the truth.
Sign HERE.

Let's Get Rid of Privately Run Prisons

Learn more and sign HERE.
forwarded by Judie

Sign Barbara Lee's petition

Representative Lee states, "On September 14, 2001 I was the sole member of Congress to vote against the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). The vote was 420-1. 
Since then, the AUMF has been used to enter into wars without knowing the costs or consequences, and frankly, it is dangerous. It is a blank check for war, and it is far past time we repealed it." 

Sign her petition HERE.

Sign A Petition to Help the People in ND

Indigenous people are struggling to keep pipelines off sacred land.
Read more and sign HERE.

Media Always Calling For More War

Photos gone viral of injured Syrian children bring out the worst from pundits.
Read more from The Nation HERE.

Unprecedented Waste!

Learn more and sign HERE.