Move to Amend Meeting on 2-25

WHO:    Live in Hennepin, Scott, Carver and Western Anoka Counties?  This is for you.
DATE:   Thursday, February, 25, 2016
TIME:    6:30 - 7:00 pm get dinner and/or beverage and come to the meeting room for social time.   7:00 to 8:30 p.m. organizing meeting.
PLACE:  Common Roots CafĂ©
ADDRESS:  2558 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis

These are extraordinary times and we need people who value democracy for ALL people. Help build this movement.

You know the power that corporations have to benefit their bottom line at the expense of livable wages, clean water, and health care for all.  That is where you come in.  It is time to re-energize the Minneapolis Area affiliate.  Will you come?
The Move To Amend “End Corporate Personhood; Money is not Speech” issue will be on the ballot in California and Washington in the fall.  16 other states have weighed in.  Help MN be next.
Senator John Marty and Representative Raymond Dehn are the lead sponsors of the Minnesota bill.  Let’s build a base to get it passed here.
         Minnesota Move To Amend State Network: 
              Saint Paul Area affiliate and Duluth Area affiliate
         For more information contact:
              Barbara at

Check our calendar often; not all events are blogged. Scroll and click on event for more details

Conference Call With CODEPINK

Join CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin this Tuesday for a special discussion and Q&A about the corrupt alliance between the United States and Saudi Arabia, and how the peace movement is mobilizing to expose and reform this toxic relationship.

Conference Call on the US-Saudi Alliance with Medea Benjamin and Rusti Eisenberg

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
6:00 PM PT, 7:00 PM MT, 8:00 PM CT, 9:00 PM ET
Conference Call Number: (605) 562-3140 Access Code: 952870#
Backup Dial-in Numbers: (951) 262-7373  or (805) 360-1075

Hosted By: CODEPINK, Progressive Democrats of America, United For Peace and Justice
Moderated by: Rusti Eisenberg, co-convener of UFPJ's Legislative Working Group, Brooklyn For Peace, and Professor of Contemporary Foreign Affairs at Hofstra University
Featured Guest Speaker: Medea Benjamin will be discussing the US-Saudi alliance, including financial, political, and military ties, and the impact that this relationship with a powerful tyrannical government has on world peace and human rights. Medea is a long-time political activist, organizer, and co-founder of CODEPINK.
Our conversation will cover issues of historical significance, the current context, and ways that the peace movement may directly approach this issue. A portion of the call will be reserved for Q&A, so please come with questions.
We will also discuss the broader campaign to end the US-Saudi alliance, including the 2016 CODEPINK Summit on Saudi Arabia: Understanding the Kingdom & Its Role, which will be held on March 5 & 6 in Washington, DC (sign up today!).
Please join us!
Aida, Alli, Andrea, Ariel, Chelsea, Janet, Jodie, Lisa, Medea, Michaela, Michelle, Nancy, Rebecca, Sam and Tighe

A Scientist's Take on Flint

Very interesting article in Common Dreams HERE.

Gearing Up--Grandmothers for Peace Meetings

Grandmothers for Peace meets on the first Wednesday of most months
at 12:45pm
at the Edina Library Community Room
5280 Grandview Square, Edina MN

Tentative Schedule below:
March 2, 2016          Film: "Cowspiracy"
April 6, 2016           Presidential Election Process
May 4, 2016              Environmental Issues with Kathy Hollander
June 1, 2016              Picnic in the Peace Garden
July 4, 2016          (Monday--no meeting. March in Edina Parade)
August 3, 2016        Informal meeting at the library


Airstrikes on hospitals!!! Mercenaries piloting an increased number of drone strikes, US complicity in deaths of innocent Yemenis, more soldiers in Iraq, heavy equipment ready for war with Russia--we need to protest the bellicose actions of our government!
Please Vigil With Grandmothers for Peace Every Wednesday
Our next vigil will be:
Wednesday, February 10th
4:30pm to 5:30pm 
50th Street at Halifax

Block Another War in Libya

Libyans don't need any more "help" from the US.
Sign David Swanson's petition to Congress HERE.

"Needed: Gun Control at the Pentagon"

Norm Solomon so eloquently states that he wishes the President "would enlarge his field of compassionate vision to include those directly suffering from what Martin Luther King Jr. called 'the madness of militarism' — in this case, U.S. militarism."
Read Norm's piece HERE.


The Grandmothers for Peace briefly discussed the issue of drug importation at our last meeting. HERE is a website that will be of interest.
Also, HERE is a petition that will be delivered to the President, Congress and HHS.
And HERE is the website for Canada Drugs.

Wow! More Red-Baiting

St. Louis Park native and NYT columnist Thomas Friedman has it all wrong.
Read more HERE.

Loretta Lynch Should Prosecute Michigan Governor

Please sign Michael Moore's petition HERE>

Code Pinkers Ousted From Trump Event in Vegas

Yesterday we traveled to Las Vegas with our “Stop Hate” message for Donald Trump and the media that covers him. I was at the front of his rally and after listening to 45 minutes of vitriolic hatred, I raised my banner and shouted, “Stop the hate, Donald Trump’s hatred incites violence and leads to war!”

Trump shouted “get her out of here” and then called me a “young woman that doesn’t know… she’s lost”. I was pushed through the crowd by supporters who shoved signs in my face. Someone punched me in the chest with their fist while all around me they chanted, “Trump! Trump!” as loud as they could. A few people in the crowd apparently tried to return my jacket, which I had left behind in the scuffle, to me, but Trump told them “leave her jacket there… to hell with her.” Las Vegas police then dragged me through the crowd to the street, where they said if I came back I would be charged with trespassing. I was shaking from the gauntlet of hatred I was pushed through.
Thank you for your support! Chelsea and Michaela from the CODEPINK LA office
Sign CodePink's petition to "Dump Trump" HERE.


"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."
"A Time to Break Silence" (about Viet Nam), was delivered at Riverside Church, New York City, on April 4, 1967

"The rights of women always come last"

Read the fascinating story of a brave Swedish politician
who dared to criticize the Saudis HERE.
forwarded by Judie

A Little 'State of the Union' Satire

Laugh out loud when you read the Borowitz Report HERE.

Close Guantanamo Actions All Across the Country

Attorney Michael Ratner says of the President, "One day of unlawful detention is an outrage, 14 years is an abomination. If Obama is to close the prison before he leaves office, he must move to do so NOW.”
If you can't join in on an action, do sign CodePink's petition HERE.

"Ten Reasons to Oppose the Saudi Monarchy"

As Medea Benjamin so eloquently states: "The cozy US relationship with the Saudis has to do with oil, weapons sales and joint opposition to Iran. But with extremism spreading through the globe, a reduced US need for Saudi oil, and a thawing of US relations with Iran, now is the time to start calling for the US government to sever its ties with the Saudi monarchs."
Read Medea's entire article HERE.
Sign a petition HERE.

Worst Pills, Best Pills

HERE is the website for Public Citizens' excellent consumer information about the drugs that we take.

Sign Another Petition to Rein In Big Pharma

The subject of our January meeting (1-6) was beautifully presented by Judie and was about  pharmaceuticals. 
Read and sign another petition HERE.
It can't hurt.

"A Rumble From the People"

Recently Darlene from Grandmothers for Peace suggested that we should make more protest signs and voice more outrage about ongoing and seemingly endless wars around the globe. We need to "rumble" more in 2016. We need to do all that we can to object to injustice and cruelty. Read some inspiration from Ralph Nader HERE. He discusses price gouging on drugs (the subject of our next meeting) as well as other tyranny. 
(I removed the post about the Minnesota Orchestra concert to benefit ARC because the event is sold out. You can still make a donation to ARC at any time HERE.)

Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act

Please read and sign the petition HERE.
It could bring massive change if HR1976 were passed. 
Every signature counts!

The Nation Cruise

So sorry that my plans to blog from the ship failed. The wifi was just not up to par. I will be sending some reflections about the stellar cast of speakers and the brilliant seminars presented in later posts. Of course my hero Ralph Nader was a highlight and captured everyone's attention. The interactions with perceptive Nation cruisers and the scholarly speakers was unforgettable!
photo by new friend from IL, William Bleecker

Drug Price Spikes Are Hurting Consumers and Medical Providers, Senators Told

Our January meeting addresses these issues.

The Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing on off-patent drug price spikes on Wednesday. Witnesses provided insight into the causes of these price hikes and the effects on patients’ access to critical medications. Overall, Americans spent $374 billion on prescription drugs last year.
Senators from both parties singled out two companies in particular, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. and Turing Pharmaceuticals AG. Both have come under fire this year for buying old patented drugs and rapidly raising their prices to increase short-term profits. The market for many of these drugs is so small, there are few incentives for competitors to produce an alternative. As a result, people with chronic conditions who need them the most only have one option.
Sign a petition HERE.
forwarded by Judie

Good Old Sixties Anti-War Art

"Hippie modernism: The Struggle for Utopia", the new exhibit at the Walker Art Center, is full of psychedelic themes that many of us remember. There are also superb pieces that represent a time of dissent, especially against militarism.

Diplomacy, Diplomacy, Diplomacy

Please read Robert Naiman HERE.

Stop Drug Ads on TV!!!

Advertising simply increases the cost of prescription drugs.
The AMA is urging Congress to act. Sign a petition to spur them on HERE.

Time To Repudiate Trump's Hate Speech

Sign a petition to President Obama, ex-presidents, editors, religious leaders and others, asking them to condemn Trump's horrifying rants which vilify Syrians and all immigrants and refugees.
Sign Robert Reich's letter HERE.
forwarded by Judie

Add Your Name For Those Suffering and Mourning

Sign HERE.
Tragedy shouldn't enable more war.

Mourn the Civilian Casualties in Lebanon and Russia as Well As Paris

Sign the petition from Just Foreign Policy asking the president and congress to "support cooperation with all countries victimized by ISIS terrorism."
Sign HERE.
And if you keep asking yourself, "what can we do?",
 read Peter van Buren's piece HERE.

November 11th Was Once A Celebration of Peace

Read David Swanson about the history of Armistice Day HERE. 
The forces for war co-opted November 11.

The PolyMet Problem--Send Your Message

Write to Dr. Susan Hedman and
DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr to tell them how you feel about the risks to Minnesota's clean water.
Check out the letter and sign HERE.

General Mills Is A Holdout On Healthy Eggs

Minnesota giant General Mills refuses to set a schedule for discontinuing the use of caged hens. Sign the petition HERE.

The Syrian Crisis--Talks Must Carry On

WAND asks that we take action in support of negotiations by contacting our representatives. HERE is their form.
Also Robert Naiman has written in the Huffington Post
"To Help Syrians, Back Real Diplomacy to End the War".
Read it HERE and sign a petition at the end of the piece.

We Savers Need More Interest

Read an open letter to Janet Yellen from Ralph Nader HERE.

All American Workers Need Paid Family Leave, Not Just Paul Ryan

Join Keith Ellison in asking that the Congress mandates paid time off to care for newborns, ailing relatives, etc. It's what all civilized countries do!
Read more and sign HERE.

Tell Amazon to Stop Selling IDF Uniforms for Children

Code Pink has a new petition to Amazon.
Read more and sign HERE.

Hooray for Keith Ellison!

He wants a full accounting of the killer drone program now that the facts have been leaked that 90% of the people killed in drone strikes are innocents--
mothers, fathers, and many, many children.
Read more HERE.

The Corporate Press Ignores "The Drone Papers"

This week another brave whistleblower leaked irrefutable evidence of US drone assassination in the Middle East.
Read Jeremy Scahill and others on THE INTERCEPT.

What Did You Think of Anderson Cooper's Questions to Sen. Sanders?

With his statement about honeymooning in the Soviet Union, Cooper surely was red-baiting. Read the facts HERE. Cooper also insinuated that anyone who opposed the CIA's illegal war in Nicaragua was "unelectable". Read Robert Naiman on this subject and, at the bottom of his piece, sign a note of protest to Anderson HERE.

A Special NYT Report

This is very interesting reading about the 158 families
that determine the fate of our nation.
 Read it HERE.

The Exorbitant Price of a Phone Call in Prison

Price gouging is happening everywhere, but the "corporate industrial prison complex" is a culprit who is finally being recognized as such. HERE is a petition to sign and more information about what's going on.
forwarded by Judie


How would we respond to a bombing at Stroger, HCMC or Fairview Southdale? We must strongly protest the bombing of the MSF hospital in Kunduz. We must try to get the message to our leaders that military intervention is a hopeless and immoral endeavor in the Middle East and a tragedy for the entire world.
Yesterday Greg and I stood with several dozen peace activists and medical professionals at Chicago's Stroger Hospital, formerly Cook County Hospital, a public urban teaching hospital in Chicago that provides care for five million residents.