Two Pro-Gun Bills Introduced in MN

On January 12th Permitless Carry and Stand Your Ground were introduced in the Minnesota Legislature. The gun lobby has been dreaming of passing these bills in MN. We must work to make sure this doesn't happen in our state.
Read more and sign up to help HERE.
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Links to the New Students for a Democratic Society

We were presented with a superb program about SDS at our meeting on January 4. Marty and Skyler apprised us of the energetic actions and brilliant organizing work that is done at the U of M and nationally. They encourage us to stay up to date with their work. Here is an easy way to do that. Their  website is and Facebook page is HERE. Please check it out!

Pence Lunched in Chicago Today, We Protested

We weren't quite sure whose side this fellow was on at first.
He's collecting for Planned Parenthood.
About 200 made lots of noise. Hope Pence got an earful!

GFP Meeting Schedule and Programs

Let's gather for PEACE.
Grandmothers for Peace meets on the first Wednesday of most months
at 12:45pm
October through December at the Edina Library Community Room
5280 Grandview Square, Edina

February through May meetings will be held at different locations to be announced soon. Below are the topics which will be covered during that time.




95 minutes by Nat. Geographic

Vigil With Us At 4:30 Every Wednesday

Airstrikes on hospitals!!! Mercenaries piloting an increased number of drone strikes, US complicity in deaths of innocent Yemenis, more soldiers in Iraq, heavy equipment ready for war with Russia--we need to protest the bellicose actions of our government!
Please Vigil With Grandmothers for Peace Every Wednesday
Our next vigil will be:
Wednesday, January 18th at
4:30pm to 5:30pm 
50th Street at Halifax

Sign the Petition Against Weapons in Space

Read more about the horrific proposal and sign HERE.

Beware Neo-McCarthyism

It is a truly dangerous move to blame Russia for Trump. Read Norm Solomon HERE.

The Horror in Yemen

Medea Benjamin has an excellent article in Common Dreams today. Read it HERE.
Also consider checking out her newest book,
Kingdom of the Unjust, which is available at HC libraries.

The Amazing Story of One of the 2000

In solidarity with Standing Rock water protectors, 2000 veterans have pledged to protect the people who are struggling at the site of the pipeline project. They are beginning to arrive already. Read this inspiring story from Common Dreams HERE.

Stand With Standing Rock

There are many ways to help the brave people who are protecting our earth from the ravages of fossil fuels. All of the Grandmothers for Peace are trying in our own ways to help the Water Protectors.
Judie and Darlene have forwarded more actions and
Medea Benjamin has written a staggering report from Standing Rock HERE.

From Judie--Sign the Green Peace petition to the President HERE.

From Darlene--A coordinated action of meditation and prayer on Saturday, November 26th at 3pm Central Time and other action ideas.
For more information and a link to the action go HERE.

To Help Avoid A Right Wing Justice, Here's An Urgent Action

"The citizens of the United States have a right to the good faith consideration of each Supreme Court nominee. In an attempt to subvert the will of the people expressed in the reelection of President Barack Obama in 2012, the current Senate has willfully failed to make a timely assertion of their advise and consent right. 

There is legal precedent in United States v. Olano which ruled that the holder of a constitutional right may waive the right by engaging in an excessive delay in exercising it. 

Merrick Garland was nominated on March 16, 2016, more than 237 days ago, greatly exceeding the previous maximum consideration delay of 125 days. The Senate has waived its right. Please proceed with Judge Garland's appointment."
(from We the People)
Sign HERE.

Tell Democrats to Work for All of Us This Time

Sign HERE to tell the Democrats, who messed up badly this election, that it is time to fight for regular Americans, not corporations and elites.
It will be a long hard journey ahead.

More Moore Reading

I am sure that you are getting weary from reading every explanation for the election's outcome. Michael Moore predicted weeks ago that Trump would be the winner and he has some ideas for us to consider in his insightful piece today.
Read it on Common Dreams HERE.

8 Ways to Make a Better America--Beyond Voting

This is a quick list of the points.
Read the remainder of the excellent article HERE.
1. Change your media diet.
2. Turn off corporate media.
3. Reject the consumer mentality in elections
4. Make your voice heard.
5. Try a social media fast. 
6. Practice the art of civil discourse.
7. Eliminate the wealth primary.
8. Break the two-party duopoly.

Read Elly's Letter to the Editor

News items should encourage you to be part of democracy
As we remember the life of Tom Hayden, the antiwar activist and Students for a Democratic Society organizer who died Sunday, I am reminded of his advocacy for what he called “participatory democracy.” In truth, I don’t believe a democracy can be successful unless it is a participatory democracy, and when I see the discouragingly low voter turnouts in this country, I keep thinking about Abraham Lincoln’s memorable reference to a government of the people, by the people and for the people and wonder how we can get that to happen in the U.S. instead of a government of the dollar, by the dollar and for the dollar. Some suggest we should make voting mandatory, as in Australia, where a fine is imposed on people who do not vote. But I just want to take this opportunity to urge all citizens to vote in this very important upcoming election. Voting is a privilege, but also a responsibility. Vote Nov. 8!
Eleanor Wagner, Edina

Haitians Needs Our Support

Think of how it must be to live in Haiti. Repeatedly the people have been ravaged by natural disasters--and then cholera struck with a vengeance. Is the world paying any attention?
 Please sign the petition to Congress HERE.

No More Weapons to Saudi Arabia!

6000 innocent people dead in Yemen in the horrible US funded, Saudi war.
Why are we supporting the carnage and probable war crimes?
Please sign CODEPINK's petition HERE.
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Why Don't We Prosecute the Banksters?

With the shocking, criminal Wells Fargo scandal in the news, let's ask the FBI to go after the crooks who steal houses, cars, money, and jobs from the American public.
Sign HERE.

"How We Could End the Permanent State of War"

Some great inspiration for the Grandmothers for Peace--
read Gareth Porter's article HERE.

FOX News Could Possibly Stop Denying Global Warming

Roger Ailes is a climate change denier, Rupert Murdock is not.
Tell FOX News to tell the truth.
Sign HERE.

Let's Get Rid of Privately Run Prisons

Learn more and sign HERE.
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Sign Barbara Lee's petition

Representative Lee states, "On September 14, 2001 I was the sole member of Congress to vote against the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). The vote was 420-1. 
Since then, the AUMF has been used to enter into wars without knowing the costs or consequences, and frankly, it is dangerous. It is a blank check for war, and it is far past time we repealed it." 

Sign her petition HERE.

Sign A Petition to Help the People in ND

Indigenous people are struggling to keep pipelines off sacred land.
Read more and sign HERE.

Media Always Calling For More War

Photos gone viral of injured Syrian children bring out the worst from pundits.
Read more from The Nation HERE.

Unprecedented Waste!

Learn more and sign HERE.

We Need to Hear All of the Voices

There is a new petition to the media to hold debates which include more candidates.
Sign HERE.

An Action Alert from Marie

Dear Peacemakers,

We are urging you to join with Women Against Military Madness in calling your member of the House of Representatives at 202-225-3121 and asking her/him to vote “No” on HR 5732, which is currently pending in Congress. 

It is extremely disappointing that Congressman Keith Ellison has chosen to co-sponsor this bill, which is also supported by some of the most hawkish members of Congress. If he is your representative, we encourage you to tell him that you disagree with his decision to co-sponsor HR 5732.

HR 5732, with its threat of increased sanctions and a no-fly zone, will increase the suffering of Syrians and create a dangerous confrontation with Russia. According to Phyllis Bennis, “The first act in imposing a no-fly zone is an extensive bombing campaign, an act of war.” In 2012, General Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the White House that imposing a no-fly zone in Syria, “would require as many as 70,000 American servicemen to dismantle Syria's sophisticated anti-aircraft system and then impose a 24-hour watch over the country.”

Suggested Message:

We urge you to vote “no” on HR 5732, the “Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act.” This bill, which increases the sanctions against Syria and requires the President to assess the establishment of a no-fly zone is a plan for regime change in disguise. It will increase civilian suffering and death and create a dangerous confrontation with Russia.

Thank you in advance for your support of this effort.

Peace in the struggle,

Marie Braun
for Twin Cities Peace Campaign

Mr. President, Stop Bombing the Middle East

Seven countries have been bombed during his presidency.
Now the US is dropping bombs in Libya.
Read about the campaign with no end in The Intercept HERE.
Sign CODEPINK's petition to Obama HERE.

Anti-War Protest at the Dem Convention

Hurray for the sage words from Norm Solomon, et al.!

No More US Led Bombings of Syrians!

According to the London Telegraph (7/19/16), the airstrike (on Tuesday) killed “more than 85 civilians” after the “coalition mistook them for Islamic State fighters.” Eight families were represented among the dead, with victims “as young as three.” The Intercept (7/19/16) reported the death toll could end up being well over 100. 
Common Dreams
Tell Obama that this has to stop HERE. 

Sadly, A Pro-War Platform

An anti-war position, in the broadest sense of reducing military budgets, calling for diplomacy over war, condemning the “inevitable” civilian casualties, calling out how military assaults create rather than end terrorism…these are enormously unifying principles among progressives. It certainly should have been a much bigger part of what progressives pushed for in the platform fight. This is one of those irrefutable examples of why movements matter, and what happens when they are weak.
Phyllis Bennis

Read the full article in The Nation HERE.

13 Parading Grannies + Chauffeur, July 4, 2016

Click on a picture to enlarge.

Become An Election Judge

Democracy lovers from across the political spectrum are needed to serve as election judges this fall.

As an election judge, you’ll be trained to assist in all aspects of voting at a local polling place. It’s a critical – and rewarding – service to provide. Working as an election judge gives you a unique, up-close look at democracy in action. Turnout in presidential years is always high, and election judges are in high demand!

The Secretary of State has a helpful page with information about becoming an election judge, with links to city- and county-specific application pages. You can serve for a half day or a whole day, depending on your schedule. State law allows for time off from work without loss of wages.

If you have a child who is 16 or 17, they can serve as a student election judge – it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to experience democracy firsthand.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming elections:

* Primary Election Day is Tuesday, August 9
* General Election Day is Tuesday, November 8

Live in Minneapolis?

Anticipating exceptionally high turnout this presidential election year, Minneapolis election officials are aiming to hire 2,000 election judges and are reaching out to the nonprofit community to help them reach this goal.

The city is offering a new program for non-profit organizations to fundraise through volunteering as election judges. CORE – Charitable Organizations Recruitment for Elections – allows organizations like FairVote Minnesota to receive compensation for recruiting volunteer election judges.

Volunteering through CORE is a simple and gratifying way to support FairVote Minnesota on Election Day - to apply, please click here!

As always, thanks for everything you do to advance democracy in Minnesota.

The FairVote Minnesota team

forwarded by Judie

Help Lori Swanson and Other Conscientious Attorneys General

Gas and oil lobbyists are fighting the AGs who are suing Exxon.
Sign HERE to help in the fight against climate change.

Remember the Days?

St. Paul Pioneer Press EXPRESS January 14, 2003
We have been holding our anti-war vigils for many years.
We need to continue this action now, more than ever. 
We hope that more of you will join us
at the corner of 50th and Halifax every Wednesday at 4:45pm.